Johnny Depp with A.S.98

Johnny Depp wears A.S.98 on stage

Johnny Depp loves A.S.98 and doesn't miss a chance to show off the unmistakable grunge style of this brand's boots.
At Rock in Rio 2015, Johnny Depp walked onto The Hollywood Vampires' stage, during the Brazilian music festival, with his guitar slung across his back and a rock star outfit complete with Revolt boots by A.S.98 on his feet. The edgy and handsome star hasn't given up his well-loved boots and once again brings original design and grunge rock tones to the stage with his A.S.98-signed boots. The boots chosen and worn by Johnny Depp at Rock in Rio were a pair of men's small lace-up ankle boots in total black leather, an authentic model designed by A.S.98.
Johnny Depp rocks with A.S.98 Revolt on his feet!

Johnny Depp Wears A.S.98 Boots