A punk, military, tropical collection starring studs and opaque materials, such as velvet-like overturned leather and glass aged calfskin. The deconstruction, without supports or reinforcements, is also applied to sneakers featuring tip sewn to the sole and side zips.


The bold rock’n’roll style of leather with a glamorous touch of floral prints and crochet embroidery for a fresh and summery line of shoes. Metallic charms evoke a decisive but also romantic character. Openings and symmetries, colourful fabrics, folk textures and overlapping games make for unique fashion ideas.


Five themes, one unique collection: Rocky Flower, Japanese inspired and irresistibly hippy; Industrial Punk with 70s details; Organic Elegance, romantic, artisanal, vintage but always up-to-date; Artisanal Precision with overlapping games; Athletic Hybrid Cut alive with prints, laminate colours and technical fabrics.


Earth’s dark and wild colours mixed with brightly shimmering colours. Studs and metal details evoke an irresistibly punk and bold style. The spring-summer collection comes in a range of wide bags, shoulder bags, irresistibly urban backpacks and shiny pochettes.


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Multicultural, artisanal, sometimes hippy and '70s but with an unmistakable punk style: the spring-summer collection features new materials, shades of colour and workmanship, keeping the DNA of A.S.98 alive.


Wear it, but not to please somebody. Wear it to express something. In everything we do, it's the inner soul that counts, because what we do is our passion. Our heart goes into each piece and you get the feeling of a path less travelled. You know it just feels right. Since 1998. Read our story.


A.S.98 is always on the move! Berlin, New York, Las Vegas, Toronto, Milan or Düsseldorf? Choose your favourite location, come and discover the new A.S.98 collection!

We put passion into each and every one of our products. Our lifeblood flows in their veins.

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A.S.98 is a brand with personality. Those who create unique fashion need to be unique in character. This isn't something you can learn in design school, it comes from the neighbourhoods where the non-conformists live. This is where creativity comes to life, along with a sense of pride that's based on who you are – not what you own. Our design team embraces this concept. Let's call it passion, a lifeblood that flows into our everyday work. We create more than shoes; we produce distinctive works of art that bear our signature. With uncompromising style and all the rough edges, each piece has its own unique personality. One that is recognized where it really counts: on the street.


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