Men's shoes are presented with slightly leaner frames and rounded squares. Silhouettes are narrow and fit ideal to the skinny look. The men's collection is rounded up by elastic-boots, classic loafers and simple sneakers that can be worn with a suit.


Rough leather decorations meets soft shafts and lambskin inserts in the women's collection. In addition to classic boots, this season lace and overknees are important and fit perfectly with the trendy Marlene-Style and mid-length skirts.


The A.S.98 Autumn Winter Collection presents itself simpler and cleaner without losing the typical A.S.98 DNA. The roots of the brand can be seen on all models of the collection: tanned aged leather, modeled wires and asymmetrical cuts.


Key components of the autumn-winter collection are military elements and rock details, like rivets, carbines and zippers. Structured bags and backpacks becoming more important. The colors range from black to bordeaux towards cognac.


Where to buy

Do you like our products? We sell worldwide. See the map to find a store near you or choose one of our online shops.


Striking, rough, handcrafted and with unique details – that’s the style of A.S.98. Naturally tanned leather is and will remain the dominant material of the Autumn/Winter 16/17 collection.


Wear it, but not to please somebody. Wear it to express something. In everything we do, it's the inner soul that counts, because what we do is our passion. Our heart goes into each piece and you get the feeling of a path less travelled. You know it just feels right. Since 1998. Read our story.


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We put passion into each and every one of our products. Our lifeblood flows in their veins.

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A.S.98 is a brand with personality. Those who create unique fashion need to be unique in character. This isn't something you can learn in design school, it comes from the neighbourhoods where the non-conformists live. This is where creativity comes to life, along with a sense of pride that's based on who you are – not what you own. Our design team embraces this concept. Let's call it passion, a lifeblood that flows into our everyday work. We create more than shoes; we produce distinctive works of art that bear our signature. With uncompromising style and all the rough edges, each piece has its own unique personality. One that is recognized where it really counts: on the street.


Visit us at the new store in Via Mazzini 42! You will find a welcoming atmosphere just a few steps from the sea!

Peschiera del Garda

There is also a new store in Peschiera del Garda with our full collection for Woman, Man and Accessoires. For our trendy women you will be happy to hear that there is also a Bizzaria - Jewel Couture - shop around the corner.

Flagship Store Verona

Visit our new Flagship Store in Verona and explore our full collection: Woman, Man and Accessories. We will be happy to meet you there!