A.S.98 leather boots

A.S.98 leather boots on the Doll Poupée fashion blog

Irresistibly wild, undeniably fashion: A.S.98 leather boots are the travel mates of choice for French blogger Alexe from Doll Poupée, who is discovering Death Valley. Wild inspiration, passion for handmade design and a constant focus on the latest trends: the international fashion blogger, creator of Doll Poupée and lover of gutsy, rock style and branded leather shoes & bags, singles out the warm tones and indie style of A.S.98’s genuine leather boots. Those worn by Alexe are a pair of work boots, a style reinvented by A.S.98. Characterized by a unique design, these A.S.98 boots are a mix of aged leather and handmade metallic details, held together by a side zip, buckle and hidden laces. A.S.98 leather boots are handcrafted with care, and these authentic 100% Made in Italy products are accessories that make Alexe’s outfit worn during her journey to Death Valley unique.

A.S.98 boots
A.S.98 boots for Alexe