In a market that is becoming ever more globalised, Olip has decided to define and express the values and strengths that drive and guide its conduct, actions and decisions so that it can preserve their socio-cultural identity.
The drafting of the code of conduct is part of a course of action that Olip has decided to undertake to confirm and outwardly express its principles and values, based on the concept of “Corporate Social Responsibility”.
Olip has decided to adopt this system of social responsibility as a strength in order to grow and improve in the ability to stick to its fundamental values and in the relationship with its main interlocutors (social partners or stakeholders).
The main stakeholders have been identified: they are workers, suppliers, clients, and the community of the place where the business operates.
Olip’s aim is to communicate, to all the interested parties, the values that enliven and represent the heart of its organisation, as well as its search for balance and transparency and its wish to reduce any possible conflict to the minimum.
The ethical issues of honesty, responsibility, transparency and respect of human rights seem to influence the economy and social systems even more; Olip has adopted the international standard SA 8000:2001 as has committed itself to fully manage its relationship with all interested parties according to this standard.
Olip therefore undertakes to the following actions:

  • To be compliant to all the requirements of the International Standard SA 8000:2008, to national laws, and to other applicable laws, to respect the international tools listed in section II of the Standard and to their interpretation, with particular attention to the protection of minors and the issue of child labour;
  • To treat its own staff as an extremely important, strategic and essential resource and to engage in making them grow from a professional point of view;
  • To implement a management system that is able to demonstrate compliance to the requirements and principles defined above and to guarantee their continuous improvement;
  • To ensure the control of suppliers, the training of its own staff and undertaking of corrective actions (when needed);
  • To make this document on social responsibility available to the public, involving the public so as to make the company’s internal communication more and more efficient;
  • To fully abide by the intentions expressed in this document submitting such a task to the periodical verification of a third party.

  • Below is Olip’s commitment to its stakeholders


    The centrality of human resources is a determining factor of Olip Italia S.p.A.’s development strategies; for this reason the company intends to continue and expand investments both in health and safety in the work place and human capital.
    To manage human resources, the company undertakes to the following:

  • To offer employees the concrete possibility of education and training during the period of their collaboration with Olip Italia;
  • To make staff responsible and aware of the issues relating to social responsibility;
  • To improve means of information and communication, both internally and externally;
  • Not to exploit and not to support the use of minors or child labour;
  • To ensure a fair place of work, where workers are not exposed to discrimination of any type or corporal punishment, nor forced work;
  • To guarantee equal opportunities amongst workers;
  • To guarantee freedom of communication and the right to associate with and join unions;
  • To guarantee the respect of all laws on working hours and salaries;
  • To guarantee that the work place is safe and healthy.
  • Olip Italia commits to improving staff conditions, introducing management and control systems to ensure the same opportunities for all workers.


    Olip Italia seeks and intends to improve its procurement policy, which is to acquire materials that are safe both in terms of quality and in ethical terms. For this purpose Olip chooses its suppliers with transparency, based on assessment of their qualitative standards and ethical and professional honesty.
    To achieve this objective, during collaboration with suppliers, Olip encourages them to adopt the principles of social responsibility (SA 8000).
    The company also undertakes to consolidate its relationship with suppliers through partnership, attention to quality, terms and conditions that are fair and clear, and mutual commitment to make the necessary information available.


    Olip’s clients have a strategic importance, because they are simultaneously the recipient and the promoter of the whole productive process.
    Olip’s aims are:

  • To offer quality products;
  • To offer products with an inherent “ethical value”, i.e. obtained in compliance with all technical standards and human regulations;
  • To offer efficient, trustworthy and modern services;
  • To strengthen the relationship of trust based on dialogue, availability and flexibility.
  • We try to provide high quality, professionalism, excellence, fair prices and honest conduct to all our clients, in order to gain their complete and continued satisfaction.
    Relationships should be built on the principles takes on responsibility of legality, morality, transparency and above all professional correctness.


    Corporate profit does not necessarily coincide with the social wellbeing of the community of which Olip Italia is part.
    For this reason the company undertakes to act as a good citizen, respecting the environment, contributing to the development of the area in which it operates, and establishing relationships with the main local stakeholders.
    The way in which transactions take place is also very important, as all transactions must be transparent and fair to the maximum extent.
    Every employee and collaborator, on any level, is personally responsible and accountable for respecting the Code of Conduct.
    All of Olip’s other stakeholders are invited to read it with care and to always have the content on hand.
    Anyone who is aware of situations or instances that seem not to be compliant to the Code’s ethical values or conduct standards, is bound to inform Olip’s management.
    Olip Italia takes on responsibility for all effects produced by its business actions in the local community, and timely adopts proper conduct and adequate supervision tools in order to maintain and spread the values of social fairness.

    The Management