Autumn/Winter 2019-2020

Embrace Uniqueness

The "Embrace" campaign represents the evolution of the concept developed in the previous season as a declaration of authenticity, that was "Be as you are".
The goal is to strengthen the road traveled to date, inviting people to express their personality without fear, but not only. "Embrace" wants to be an invitation to embrace everything that can be different and to appreciate the uniqueness of each person.
A.S.98 has always been a brand with a strong identity, original and aimed at people of character; identifies with unique, authentic and courageous personalities who are not afraid of being themselves. That's why we decided to collaborate with original, unique people who have something to communicate.

The manifesto

  • Embrace your craziness
  • Embrace others craziness
  • Embrace those you don't understand
  • Embrace the things other don't understand about you
  • Embrace daring
  • Embrace fighting
  • Embrace loving
  • Embrace no
  • Embrace yes
  • Embrace doing, playing, thinking
  • Embrace all that make you, you