SS 2019

The SS 2019 Collection changes the rules of the game . Fluidity and rebellion become two key concepts in the style of AS98, a brand that opens up unprecedented urban experiences as a new life , without losing its identity.  In the SS 2019 Collection the rock mood no longer only involves those with a specific music taste and those who love wearing studs, but also and in particular involves those who are not afraid , those who express themselves without judgment, those who rebel against the rules and rewrite them themselves.  As A.S.98 did for its SS 2019 Collection. Here different urban worlds meet, blend and influence each other: sportswear mixes with urban; hip hop - made of writings on walls, bright colours and asymmetrical cuts - creates new rules from outside of the box; and the artisanal and unique mood remains the guiding thread between all the inspiration.  Inspirations for this new SS 2019 Collection are based on the newest, most famous film on the big screen - something that everyone has seen - and at the same time pick up the desire to research and experiment in order to showcase something new and never seen before.

There are three main themes around which the SS 2019 Collection develops. The first is Fluo Urban Rebel, synonymous not only with bright colours and sporty tones, but particularly with fluidity in the lines, in the choice of accessories that make the fit even more comfortable, in experimenting with the transparencies of materials, and inserts.  Thus we have trainers with leather tabs that remind us of the typical tags used in clothing stores or the world of aviation.  Furthermore, the shoes are embellished with an unforgettable trademark: imprinted on the leather are the coordinates of the place where the designers created them.  Then there is Tuareg : as fascinating as a Safari, as wild as untainted nature, as exciting as a trip to a foreign place, this line has ethnic inspirations that blend with typically sportswear details. And finally Elegance Character with its asymmetrical cuts and geometric lines that transform the shoe into a sculpture , while leaving it soft to wear. The SS 2019 Collection by A.S.98 plays with flat and sports shoes combined, as well as slightly more elegant ones with a heel; without missing the iconic boots and sneakers with unique character. The colours are in keeping with the season trends, with some anticipation and inspiration of the next trends.  The colour spotlight of the moment is taken up by cloud; a new cloud grey that combines perfectly with many other shade with its neutral character, including black.