Autumn/Winter 2019-2020

Be as you are.

Creations with a rock style designed with passion and handcrafted finishes: the A.S.98 shoes are unique, one-of-a-kind and differ from mass production. They are suitable for those who like a touch of character and want to make a statement. Five different lines for the 2019-20 Autumn/Winter collection:

REBEL YELL → with a rock and punk attitude enhanced by rivets, piercings and metal plates

URBAN HIKING → details, such as hiking carabiners and cord gathers, are inspired by mountain landscapes and sport activities

NEW SIMPLICITY → the extra-large zips add a touch of character to understated models

WEST 5.0→  pointed shapes; the rivets and patchwork are in a traditional Western style

MODERN PAST → the boots and tennis shoes have prominent and thick soles, with a focus on dark age influences reminiscent of ‘90s style.


The women’s collection has rounded contours, with the addition of a few Western and especially elegant styles. Most models have high heels, up to 4 cm. The collection is made up of an array of colours that range from cognac brown to reddish brown, up to bottle green; white is used for the more sporty models. The look of solid-coloured shoes is made softer by colour schemes. The smooth, polished leather gives the shoes a clean and linear look, which is blended with rough-sanded nubuck and woven leather.


The men’s collection is dominated by the brand’s sporty style. The shapes have an original look thanks to high-quality soles with transparent inserts and decorative threads, such as on the buckles. The contours are rounded, with thick or shell soles. The colour palette focuses on black, grey, brown and military green shades. Smooth and polished leather alternates with characteristic worn-effect velvet.


The accessories collection by A.S.98 is inspired by the world of the trendiest street fashion and punk style while maintaining an unusual and sophisticated style. The lines are simple, the leather is vegetable-tanned, and the colours are bright. The distinctive feature of the 2019-20 Autumn/Winter collection is the new material used, polished calf leather, which adds a touch of class. Rock star models with bold studs and belts are also a must.