Original shapes, created using fine soles embellished with details such as transparent inserts or decorative threads, such as on the buckles. The brand’s sporty nature is prominent in the FW 2019 Collection which accompanies, step by step, men who seek originality and who break boundaries. Brave men who are not afraid to be themselves. Imperfect, perhaps, but authentic. And unique.


Clean and linear or daring, predominantly featuring rounded shapes – including western- style shoes, with pointed shapes, and other particularly elegant ones – the FW 2019 Collection accompanies women in choosing the least beaten path, to feel and be different, not ordinary, an original version of themselves and not someone else’s clone.


Featuring new products and evergreen ones, the FW 2019 Collection offers rock-style creations, made with passion and with hand-crafted finishes. A.S.98 shoes are unmistakable, nonaligned and different from all the others. They are ideal for those who can’t forgo a hint of personality and who like to show that their style expresses who they are in everything they do.


The FW 2019 bag collection by A.S.98 is inspired by the world of the trendiest street fashion and punk style while retaining a special and sophisticated neatness.
Simple lines, plant-tanned leather, bright colours and the use of a new material – shiny calf leather – give a special classy and distinctive touch to the FW 2019 Collection, without forgetting the iconic rock star models, featuring bold studs and straps, for those who love particularly daring looks.


Where to buy

Do you like our products? We sell worldwide. See the map to find a store near you or choose one of our online shops.


A new style, an unprecedented way of being , with the same identity as always: A.S.98 breaks the rules while still maintaining its unique character, and then reinvents itself, creating without boundaries, inspiring and letting itself be inspired.


Wear it, but not to please somebody. Wear it to express something. In everything we do, it's the inner soul that counts, because what we do is our passion. Our heart goes into each piece and you get the feeling of a path less travelled. You know it just feels right. Since 1998. Read our story.


A.S.98 is always on the move! Berlin, New York, Las Vegas, Toronto, Milan or Düsseldorf? Choose your favourite location, come and discover the new A.S.98 collection!

We put passion into each and every one of our products. Our lifeblood flows in their veins.

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A.S.98 is a brand with personality. Those who create unique fashion need to be unique in character. This isn't something you can learn in design school, it comes from the neighbourhoods where the non-conformists live. This is where creativity comes to life, along with a sense of pride that's based on who you are – not what you own. Our design team embraces this concept. Let's call it passion, a lifeblood that flows into our everyday work. We create more than shoes; we produce distinctive works of art that bear our signature. With uncompromising style and all the rough edges, each piece has its own unique personality. One that is recognized where it really counts: on the street.


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There is also a new store in Peschiera del Garda with our full collection for Woman, Man and Accessoires.


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We are pleased to present you our first point of sale in Russia: an exclusive store where to discover our last novelties and buy the products of the A.S.98 men’s and women’s collections and accessories.