Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Colà DI Lazise 3/03/2014

Olip Italia spa is aware that it is not a stand-alone business, but part of a more demanding social and economic framework, and has decided to adopt and implement an auditable standard for its Corporate Social Responsibility in conformity with SA 8000:2008 which sets out the voluntary requirements to be met by employers in the workplace, including workers’ rights, workplace conditions, and management systems. The business undertakes to respect the rules of work ethics and reject any inhumane working conditions, worker exploitation, discrimination or an unhealthy environment. With this Policy, the Management is communicating internally and externally that it intends to operate with efficient and transparent methods to guarantee the continual improvement of a Business Management System that is socially and economically sustainable.

Management commitments include:

  • Satisfaction of clients and any other interested parties (employees, collaborators, suppliers, and service users within the social context.);

  • Respecting the requirements of the SA 8000:2008 standard by maintaining its Management System’s constant compliance, specifically:

-Child labour must not be used

-Employees must not leave money deposits

-Employees are free to join trade unions

  • Respecting relevant national and international legislation, and commitments undertaken by the company with interested parties and reference standards;

  • Annual review of the corporate policy to achieve continual improvement in accordance with suggestions from interested parties, and the evolution of standards and legislation consistent with changes to the social, cultural and economic context in which the business operates;

  • Sharing information regarding the standards to favour internal participation;

  • Increasing its competitiveness on the market and maintaining a high level of reliability and quality in the services supplied, with the utmost respect for legal, ethical and quality requirements;

  • Communicating this policy to all personnel and sharing it, upon request, with any other interested parties;

  • Human resource management optimisation;

  • Continual analysis and assessment of suggestions from interested parties, as a basis for open and constructive dialogue to devise mutually satisfactory plans and objectives for continual improvement;

  • Providing all information required and allowing access to interested parties for verification of compliance with the requirements of the SA 8000:2008 standard.

The Management has appointed Mr. Giovanni Dalla Via as its Representative for Corporate Social Responsibility, who has the authority and resources necessary to ensure:

  • Compliance of the Company with SA 8000 standard ;

  • Efficiency of the Company in achieving objectives;

  • Suitability of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy;

  • Sharing of knowledge of the requirements of the SA 8000 standard.


The Company has created a specific communication system for managing reports on the application of the SA 8000 standard. Its aim is to ensure the opportunity to contribute constructively to the improvement of the Corporate Social Responsibility Management System.

The above-mentioned reports can also be submitted to the Company anonymously in writing or by e-mail, and will be registered and analysed in order to initiate a corrective or preventative action, when applicable.

The importance of electing a Workers’ Representative for Corporate Social Responsibility to facilitate communications with Management regarding social problems has also been reviewed with all employees.

The Representative for Corporate Social Responsibility and the Workers’ Representative for Corporate Social Responsibility are available to receive reports on ethical or social responsibility issues from all members of the company.

The efficiency of the SA 8000 Management System and suitability of this Policy for Corporate Social Responsibility are assessed by the Management through regular reviews based on direct findings and the results of the latest internal audits.

For the purpose of implementing this plan, the certification of our Corporate Social Responsibility Management System, and our ability to satisfy the internal and external demands and needs that we face daily, is confirmed by an independent third party.