SS 2018

Five different themes, a single line. Inspired by the Hippy atmospheres of the Coachella music festival and also by Japan, with its floral prints on silk, Rocky Flower is a line with a feminine touch of delicate leather flowers that contrast with gutsy punk studs; fresh and summery shoes, with bright colours contrasting darker hues, evoking an exotic result. Industrial Punk, on the other hand, is inspired by the punk clothing of the '70s and revisits with a less aggressive approach the best trends of the moment, adding bright colours and urban appeal. Embellished with piercings, geometric staples, charms made with padlocks, keys and other romantic but powerful symbols, as well as lasered prints and intersections of leather strips with half-round studs.

Organic Elegance recalls ancient fallen works and traditions, such as crochet embroidery, threading and all crafts requiring precision and patience. Chain stitch, soft leather bows and diamond sequins add colour and refinement to these models; asymmetric and intertwined heels are bold and decisive. The result? Vintage but very current. Artisanal Precision has an ethnic taste made of designs engraved on leather, lively flowers and curves create now you see me now you don’t effects. Overlapping leathers, brightly coloured fabrics, folk designs, prints and textures for an artisanal and multicultural collection. Athletics Hybrid Cut is an irresistibly urban line of sneakers: flexible soles, bold lines, avant-garde cuts, stud-framed star prints, technical fabrics and laminate shiny colours never go unnoticed and are ready to amaze with every step.